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Hungary joined to the EU at 1. May 2004. and to the Schengen area at 1. January 2008. If you are citizen of one of all Europien Union country which part of Schengen area or if you have a Schengen visa you can travel to Hungary with out any border control and buy goods without paying any duty tax.

Information for foreigners who need visa

Entry of Foreigners to Hungary
Cityzens of other countries do not need visa to enter Hungary.

Customs rules of Hungary

Customs rules

Travel to Budapest for gay holidays

- by plane
- by train
- by bus
- by car
- by boat
- fly to Budapest, Airlines

By plane

Budapest-Ferihegy International Airport take place 25 km (10 miles) at south-east direction to Budapest. The airport has two separeted terminals:
Ferihegy 1 (the older one) is closer to the city and after complete renovation used by the discount airlines. It is about 30 minute to reach the city center by taxi, and about one hour by public transport.
Ferihegy 2A and 2B is in a modern building, just next to each other. It is about 40 minute to reach the city center by taxi, and about one hour 15 min. by public transport.
Ferihegy 2A is departure and arrival point for flights of Schengen area. Ferihegy 2B is hosting all international carriers's flights including some of the budget airlines (except Schengen area).
You can check here which airlines fly to which terminals and complete airport info (with arrival and departure timetables):
List of airlines fly to Budapest airport
Airport central phone number: +3612969696
Flight information: +3612967000
Luggage service: +3612968108, +3612967217
Tourist office is on the arrival halls, where you can get free maps of Budapest, free program magazines (Funzine is the best) and free Budapest tourist guides.

Transfer options from the terminals:

We have our own transfer service for our guests
Our driver wait for our guest in the terminal's arrival hall in front of the information desk and handle a board written on your name. You can book this service when you book your accomodation and will be charged with your apartment price at the check-in time.
Price: one way: 20 EUR - retour way: 38 EUR (max. for 2 persons)

Airport shuttle (minibus service)
The best price for single travelers (for two people, the airport taxi is a better choice) if you would not like to use the time consuming public transport.
You will be able to find the Airport Shuttle desk on the arrival hall. You may have to wait a bit till the minibus collect enough people to the same direction.
for 1 person for 1 way: 2990.- HUF ~ 11 EUR - retour way: 4990.-HUF ~ 19 EUR
for 2 people for 1 way: 4490.- HUF ~ 17 EUR - retour way: 8490.-HUF ~ 32 EUR
For more information: Airport shuttle service
Phone : +36 129 685 55 (6.00 am - 10.00 pm)

Zona Taxi
This is the best choice for 2 people or more.
This is a fixed price taxi service and the offers are shown the maximum fares. There are different zones with different prices, but all of our apartments are in the city center on the 3rd zone. The price to there is: 5300.- HUF/taxi ~ 20 EUR
You can book ZONA TAXI in every terminals at ZONA TAXI desk.
In the Terminal 1: inside the building in the hall.
In the Terminal 2A and 2B: outside in front of the entrance.
Back way you should order by phone, they speak english: +36 136 555 55

Public Transport
Bus No. 200 direct airport bus is working beetween the terminals 1, 2A, 2B and Kobanya-Kispest metro station on the M3 (blue) metro line. From the last metro stop (Kőbánya-Kispest) you can come to the city center by metro. All of our apartments are at the M3 metro line. You have to keep some coins or Forint banknotes to buy ticket from the machine or to buy from the driver.
If you choose this transfer option you have to use 2 tickets only (bus 200, M3 metro). DO NOT FORGET to use new ticket on the bus, tram, metro (one ticket is valid only one vehicle). There are lot of controllers !!!
The 1st bus from the airport: 4.52 am. The last bus from the airport:23.46 pm.
The 1st bus to the airport: 4.30 am. The last bus from the airport: 0.15 pm.
Attention !!! The last metro leave the metro station at 11.10 pm.

For more information: Public transport in Budapest
If you book one of our apartments at the confirmation we will send a detailed information about the exact publict ransport instructions and possibilities.

(only form Terminal 1)
We have to inform you this newest transfer possibility is not perfect.
We never offer this because the rail arrive to the railways station and from that you have to change to metro, tram or bus. This transfer is longer and is not confortable at all. If you choose publictransport, prefer using the airport bus and after change to metro and come direct to the apartment. The buses are airconditioned, faster, and more confortable than the rail (at this moment).

By train

There are more than 50 trains daily run between Budapest the other capital cities. Trains to Vienna run every three hours (Tip: if you want to visit Vienna for the weekend, you can buy train ticket combined with Vienna public transport ticket and save some money). Between Budapest and the main Hungarian cities there is network of Inter City trains. The most international trains arrive and depart from one of the largest station, the KELETI PU. (Eastern railway station).
Keleti PU. (Eastern station): 8th district of Budapest, Baross ter.
This station is at the border of the city center. You can reach the city center very easily by bus (7, 78) or metro (M2 red line).

Domestic trains arrive to the other 2 largest railway station:
Nyugati (Western) station : 6th district of Budapest, Nyugati tér.
Deli (South) station : 1st district of Budapest, Krisztina krt. 37.

Check the Hungarian railways homepage for informations (timetables, prices, stations, etc.):
Railway information

By boat

The hydrofoil services run during the summer months (from April to October) linking the city center of Budapest with Vienna and Bratislava (through Szentendre, Visegrad, Esztergom). International boat ports are situated on the Danube between the Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) and the Freedom Bridge(Szabadság híd) exactly int he middle of the city center, the nicest is at the Vigadó.
Information center for Mahart PassNave Ltd. services is on tel.: (+36-1) 318-6042.

You can visit Szentendre, Visegrad and Esztergom by domestic riverboats and hidrofolis if you have enough time :)
Domestic boats and also the Budapest sightseeing boats start from Vigadó tér (in front of the Vigadó concert hall): 5th district, Vigado tér.
MAHART information

By bus

You can find the most important central bus station at Népstadion (easy to reach by M2 red metro line). From here buses depart for the countryside and abroad. But there are 5 other "Volánbusz" bus stations for domestic destinations.

By car

All Hungary's motorways and majority of its main roads radiate out from Budapest. The M1, M3, M5 ,M7 (and soon M6 to Pécs) are toll motorways, and you must pay the appropriate toll to the exploiters of the government like in the Middle Ages (you can buy one day, 3 days, one week, one month and one year ticket at the border or bigger petrol stations). Lick the Vignette you get for your money, stick it on the windscreen, fasten seatbelts and have a nice trip. If you travel without the Vignette, you have to pay about 400 EUR fine, and they check it by video control, so you can not cheat.
Road signs conform to European standards. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory at the front and back seats as well, and only handless mobile telephones is allowed to be used whilst vehicles are in motion. The alcohol tolerance is zero, so not even a glass of beer... Speed limits are 50 km/hour (31 mph) in built-up areas and 90 km/hour (56 mph) elsewhere, except on dual carriageways (110 km/hour, 68 mph) and motorways (130 km/hour, 80 mph). There are fixed place radar and LASER speed controls on the motorways. The horn can only be used in built-up areas in an emergency. 24-hour roadside assistance is available from the Magyar Autóklub (Tel.: (+36-1) 345-1755), and emergency roadside help can also be called for by dialling 188.
Autó club-help number: 188

Highway vignetta prices

Vignetta prices 2008

More highway info

Motorway informations

Car parking

Drivers have to pay for car parking everywhere in the city center of Budapest.
Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00 you have to pay, Saturday and Sunday FREE. Generally between Xmas and New Years parking is also FREE in the city.
Tickets can be bought for maximum of 2 hours in the parking machines (ticket machines) on the streets, you have to keep a lot of coins with you or you can buy a parking card for about 10.000 HUF (=40 EUR) at the local government offices. Alternatively you can pay for parking by yor mobile phone after registration. Cars aren't guarded in these parking places. If you want a sefer place, try the parking houses about 400 HUF/hour (=1,50 EUR) and about 20 EUR/day.
Parking fees:120-400 HUF/hour. Given that the machines take coins, it is worth keeping 50 and 100 HUF coins for this purpose.
Cars will be clamped on the wheel if no parking fee has been paid, or the paid period has been expired.
The only place in the city center, where you can park without fee is in front of the Rudas thermal bath (Buda side of the Elizabeth bridge).
During sightseeing tours, cars and buses are allowed to park for free in the main tourist attractions like the Heroes Square, Citadel, Városliget (City Park). There are parking places for tourist buses at Belgrád rakpart (lower rakpart, wharf), in Duna Street near Erzsébet Square (under Past side of the Elizabeth bridge).

Car Rental

The bigger international car rental companies run agencies and offices at Budapest. They have offices in the city center and at the airport terminals as well. The following companies are represented in the Hungarian market (you can google these brand names for more information): ABLE Auto Rent, Automobile-Rent, Avalon Rent, Avis, Budget, Capitol City, Europcar, Fox Autorent, Hertz, ISA Rent a Car, Limousine Service, Regina Rent-a-car, Sixt, Yes Autorent.

Fly to Budapest

Hungarian airlines (is sold for the Russian oligarcha Abramovits) official homepage:
Malév - Hungarian Airlines

Other airlines offers

Budapest airport airline offers

Listed airlines that fly to Budapest

List of airlines fly to Budapest airport
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